divendres, 3 de juny de 2011

My learning

Yes, I did. I've work more, and I Study more.
Yes, but i must improve.
I think the most difficult was the grammar. I practiced a lot, and I think i had done well the exam.
( new grammar, vocab..) I learn new vocabulary, and use my body language for oral's presentation. Also I learn Vocab from de novel
I need to improve a "bit of all"

Activities in the language room:

write about the different activities.Use I like/don't like.. I prefer/ My favourite..
I love read magazine, I think is interesting. I don't like do writings. When I understant Gramatic I like it. The novel was OK.


Prince Wiliam THE HERO.
Every girl dreams of being rescued by a Prince Charming, but for Ruby Lawrence the dream came true. After breaking her leg on Mount Snowdon in Wales, the 21-years-old was saved by Prince William himself. William piloted the rescue helicopter through foggy conditions close to the mountain so that his crew could airlift her aboard. The prince was doing his SAS helicopter training in Wales, and was called to help the mountain rescue team that had come to her aid. Bravo, William!

dimarts, 31 de maig de 2011


30% students in Catalonia don't get ESO Certificate!!!

Is our educational system being effective enough?

I think that our educational system is not effective enough

Are students working hard enough?
No, I think that the students don't work hard

Are parents helping in the educational process?

Depend, there are parents that they are helping, but there are parents that they don't help

What's the average in your class?
In my class there are a lot of variety. There are the student that doesn't work and have good marks (Adrià), There are the student that work and study and have good marks (Guillem), There are the student that doesn't study much and not have good marcs (Xuni, Albert Pau)

What's the problem? Have you got any suggestions?
I think that the problem is the government. The politicians always change the laws and some of them are "stu...id"

Console and encourage

-Hey, Guillem, you look a bit down. What's the matter?
-Oh, I've just heard that my brother has got a job in manchester and h'es moving away
-I know, but I'm really going to miss her
-Don't take it too badly- at least you can visit her on summer holidays. USA is really cool.
-That's true, I supose
-Look at it this way- if he's father hadn't got the job there maybe she will be disappointed with him...
-Yeah, maybe you're right
-Cheer up! Com on- let's go to a café or something
-OK. Thanks, Eugeni, I feel a bit better now.

Oral presentation

Prince William met kate at university. They began to go toghether an finaly felt in love. Kate was a commoner, and a commoner can't not get married with a person froom a royal family. So the Queen of England gave Kate the title of princes of Cambridge.The Royal cuple didn't won't any presents in de weding's day, but they asked their gests to give money for charity.Although, the royal weding was very expensive (About 22 milions of pounds) but the london city made about 60 milion pounds from the event.The ceremony was very beatiful, and its good to see nice things in this world.The hooneymoon wasvery short because the prince Williams had to go back to work.Prince Harry was the bestman and he dressed with his army uniform.The queen was in the weding, of course.In England it was a national holiday, and thousands of people lined the streets and they cheering a lot.Kate changed the weding vowa. She didn't wan't to say “to server you”. This was polemic, but I'm agree with she.One day William and Kate will be de king and the queen of england, but they will have to wait to the dead of Charles.

Can you name the members of the British Royal family?

George V,Edward VIII,George VI,Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester,Prince George, Duke of Kent,The Prince John,Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh,Elizabeth I, Diana

Which of them is the most popular?

Elizabeth II

Which of them died in a car accident?


Who's Prince William stepmother?Who's got married this year?

Princess Diana. With Kate Middleton

Where did they get married?

In London

Who was William's best man?

Prince Harry

Who was Kate's maid?

divendres, 20 de maig de 2011

Apologize for a misunderstanding

Eugeni: Excuse me. Can I have a word with you?
Xuni: Yes. Is there a problem?
Eugeni: I'm afraid so. Did you know that this is private property?
Xuni: No, I didn't.
Eugeni: Didn't you see the sign?
Xuni: No, I'm afraid not.
Eugeni: Have you been here before to skateboard?
Xuni: No, I live out of town.
Eugeni: Well, if I were you, I'd look for a different place.
Xuni: OK. Sorry about that. I didn't realize.
Eugeni: That's OK. Remember for next time.


Can I have a word with you?
I'm afraid so / not.
If i were you, I'd...
Sorry about that.
I didn't realize.